No-Waste Upcycle Workshop

Unleash creativity: childrens sewing and upcycling workshop where you can transform old clothes into new treasures!

In this dynamic workshop of approcimately 1.5 hours, children explore the art of sewing and upcycling. During the workshop, children dive into a world full of creativity and turn old clothes into new treasures. Each student brings one or more items if clothing from home with which they get to work. They make sketches and get to work on bringing new life into their garments. This can be a wearable garment, or you can upcycle garments so that it fits in with a school there such as Christmas, carnival or the seasons.

Sewing materials are included, but please bring your own clothing.

  • Duration standard workshop: 1, 2, or 3 hours.
  • Age: 8 years and up.
  • Costs: 1 hour €287,50 / 2 hours €402,50 / 3 hours €517,50. All costs are excl. VAT
  • Travel cost allowance: €0,23 km/hr calculated from The Hague. No travel costs apply in the The Hague area.

Would you like to organize this great workshop at your location? Please contact
Deviations from the above are possible in consultation.