Making a pillow from a treasured piece of clothing

Pillow making workshop

Workshop Kussen maken

During this workshop you will turn a treasured garment into a pillow!

Do you want to give a new purpose to a treasured garment, but don't quite know how? Then this workshop is really something for you! You will learn how to use needle and thread and a sewing machine. You also get to use all the fabrics and accessories that are made available.

It can be clothing that is or has been dear to you. A wedding dress, 1st baby clothes, favorite garment, a keepsake, an item that no longer fits,....
Many times these garments hang out of sight and you don't know a good use for them. Often these special precious garments still disappear into the trash or go to the recycle. In all cases a great shame. With this workshop you will learn to find a new use for your garments!

  • Duration standard workshop: 2,5 hours
  • Group size: Max. 15 participants.
  • Costs: €500 excl.VAT (Extra group at the same location is €100,- discount)
  • Incl. travel expenses within a radius of 30 km around Eindhoven and Schiphol

Would you like to organize this workshop at your school or with colleagues? Please contact us via
Deviations from the above are possible in consultation.