BYOR workshop

Build your own robot!

During the BYOR workshop, participants will create a craft creation that they bring to life with BYOR (Build Your Own Robot) electronics. These electronics are designed for children; easy to use and very versatile. There are various sensors, motors, lights, buzzers, etc. to build with. In addition to BYOR's reusable electronics, they use waste as raw material in the form of old cardboard and plastic. In addition, they can build solar panels into their creation that power the whole thing. Thus, they learn the value of recycling and renewable energy in an active, playful way. 

As they build a self-conceived creation, participants will brainstorm together, make design sketches, build prototypes, test and present. A stripped-down version of the design process is thus completed in one half-day session. Learn about sustainability and technology in the most creative way at the BYOR workshop! 

  •  Group size of up to 30 participants 
  •  2 hours (in consultation shorter or longer) 
  •  No preparations needed 
  •  All materials on loan during the workshop 
  •  €450,- ex. VAT 
  •  €0,19 travel allowance from Eindhoven

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BYOR Workshop